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A. Why use AnnexCheck?
• AnnexCheck is the laser based solution to displaced stopper detection, specifically designed to meet Annex 1
• The most robust and reliable method to measure gaps between vials and unseated stoppers on filling and
   lyophilization lines
• AnnexCheck provides three times better accuracy than competing vision measurement systems.

High Speed with rates up to 600 vials/min
Flexible with rapid product change-over
Compliant with:
EudraLex Annex 1
   ° CFR Part 11
   ° Electrical Standard EN 60204-1
   ° CE when required
   ° GMP, GAMP, & OSHA guidelines
• Easy Calibration

   ° with optional precision calibration tooling machined to known gaps sizes
• Stable
   ° with changes in the size and color of vials and stoppers
   ° with changes in surrounding light not effecting the laser
• Integratable
   ° with any new line or existing line
   ° with standard mounting or complete turnkey solution options
   ° with full customization ability for complex applications

B. How does it Compare?
• The charts below show typical measurement deviations shown for vials cycled through comparable systems 20 times:

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